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Hello, yesterday I sent a question about a movie that the title I cant remember. My question was deleted for some reason even though it was not inappropriate at all. Anyways, this is not a complaint but I am just going to simply rewrite my question again.

When I was young, I'd seen this movie that is a comedy and was made in the 21st century. I can only remember bits and pieces of it. There was a boy who was about fifteen years old and he had a sister who were separated for reasons I cant remember (maybe foster care?). So he was joined with a group of teenagers that ranged in different ages to find his sister, and I think the others were looking for something too (maybe their parents). I can recall one scene where the teenagers were crawling through air vents to escape from from adults or maybe government officials and one kid farts in another face when they were crawling. One part I remember it shows the sister at a house who is living with a family during Christmas. At the end of the movie I recon that the boy finds his sister at an airport and is sad to leave his friends and a girl he had a crush on.I don't know if this is it, but maybe the girl went to live with the boy and his sister. I'm not sure about that. Thanks for the help.


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