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I watched a movie when a couple years ago, and I can only remember bits and pieces of the ending.
There's two who are identical, they kind of look like young Leonardo Decaprio, (blondish hair, kind of long hair) One of them was the next heir to the throne, I cant remember if they're brothers or not, but one of them is really evil, and cared only about being rich and was just a spoiled brat,and wanted to get rid of his (brother?) the other guy. Well,the other guy was really nice and cared a lot about people, and at the end the mean one got his "henchmen" to get the nice one and tie him up in a small boat or plank or somthing to keep him a float as the stream heads down the sewer? with the rest of the nice guys helpers ( they were adults) but the nice one ended up winning and tying the mean one and putting him on the thing he was on, and then switched clothes with the mean guy and rushed over to the palace which seemed like it was near by, and became the king? or presented himself to the kingdom as the rightful heir to the thronw? Its been years, and I was young when I watched the last parts of this movie, sorry Its so vague


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