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Hi guys! So I've watched this movie with my brother a few years back.. I think I was around 8 or and and he was around 6 or 7. So..Here's how it goes.

At the beginning of the movie (i think) There was a safe the was thrown out into a shallow pit by a man and a middle aged man. The story behind that safe is about a teenage girl around 15-16 years old. She had blonde hair and loved to take pictures mostly about memories and herself. The neighbor (the middle aged man) kept..let's say stalking her. One day she was walking home from school quite in a hurry because it was getting dark. She bumped to her neighbor who she didn't know stalker her and killed younger girls like her. He showed her an underground room he made in a forest (i think). She was amazed but when he started asking some personal questions she knew something was wrong. He offered her a cola and she denied saying she has to go. She was immediately blocked by the man and he got a knife. He stabbed her. Then everything went white. She was confused because she was in a house located in a shore with a lighthouse beside it. She entered and saw a light from a door. when she opened it she saw the man who was sitting there in the tub with blood, she looked at the sink and saw the knife that was used and blood in the sink. There she noticed she was dead. (THIS IS A LONG STORY and it's been a long time, so i'll just try to type what I remember from the ending) So the girl meets other girls in a meadow that is heaven. The other girls where the girls the old man killed. The she goes back to her house and sees for the first time, her mom enter her room since she died. Her mom cleaned and fixed her things and said "I love you". The girl then found peace and was happy in her new life in heaven. After that she said a few words saying her name and the age and date when she was killed with the last picture she took herself before the credits came.

PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT. I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL!!!! Thank you for giving the time to those who read this and those who try to remember the movie.


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