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Hi everyone! I watched the last part of either a tv show or movie years ago and I can't find it through Google no matter what I put in. I remember it being about an Irish family but maybe they were Scottish or English (I'm really bad with accents). I think it was from the early 2000s. It was set somewhere around the 1920-1940s about a poor family struggling with maybe four near adult daughters and definitely one adult brother living at home. I came in when the brother was trying to hide the fact that he secretly loved a gay amputee in a wheelchair. I believe the gay friend was missing all four limbs. The brother would go on walks with his outspoken friend and they taked about everything. The friend tries to drown himself one day on a walk to the beach but is saved by the brother. The friend eventually gets sick and while dying in bed admits that he always knew the brother loved him. Since the brother has now lost his only friend and love he decides to leave his country to find work in America, to the surprise of his family. I really wanted to see the show in its entirety but never found the name. I hope I have enough details. It may have been on PBS. I appreciate any help you can give.


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