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It's been a while since this kdrama came out but I really want to watch it again! The problem is- I forgot the title! The movie was about this man and this woman, they both married but unfortunately she has problems having babies. I also remember that her mother-in-law gets really mad at not having grandchildren and always yells at her. She really wants children and sews clothes and gives them to orphanages. Later on we find out that her husband has been cheating on her and he doesn't know how to tell her but gives her a resort kind of good-bye by taking her to a house where they enjoy their last day together. That night they did "it." But obviously they both get a divorce. After the divorce she finds out that she has a baby. While she was figuring everything out, she meets this businessman that she then falls in love with. This business man is younger than her and was once in a band. He had really long hair, but then realizes he should come back to reality and become the heir to this huge company. Back then they met each other when she was drunk at his concert, but both forgot. Her divorced-husband then finds out that he has a son and tries to meet the son any time that he could. Later on she gets a baby with the businessman, but has trouble saving the baby. In the end, though, she has the baby and it turns out it was a baby girl. Please help me if you know the title!


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