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I’m hoping someone can give a name to a half-remembered film I saw long ago. Black and white, maybe 1950’s, it mainly takes place in a young blond woman’s apartment in a big city. She goes through her daily routines, and in the apartment opposite a man goes through his--separately, each casually notices the other. They are seen dressing and converging on the apartment stairs to the street with all the other people going to work, not acknowledging each other, both very interior yet aware of each other. One day her boss comes to her apartment and bluffs his way in, accosts her and she screams. The neighbor hears and rushes over. Here memory lapses--maybe the neighbor visits again-- he’s smitten and she’s cautious, very cool, been hurt before. She has a line something like “so...maybe you like me, and maybe I like what?”,
(or maybe “love” not “like”, but this time it wasn’t Bogart saying it). And on from there.
These three are the only characters in the film, and it’s all shot in the apartment building, as I recall.
Sorry for the vagueness, very few features remain in my memory. I remember looking the actress up and she had had a role in some hospital soap opera, but that was all. Cool jazz background music, cool understated script, and her very cool performance. Any leads would be welcome, thanks.


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