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Hello, I am looking for a movie I saw years ago. Possibly 8/9 years ago. I don't remember much of the movie but I do remember watching it at least 2/3 times and I had never finished it. So im here seeking answer to what this movie is called so maybe I could finish it. All I remember was, it was about a little girl who lived with her father. He was alive at some point, but then he passed like in his sleep or by natural causes. No so sure on that, I just know he did pass. The little girl was probably 8, 9 maybe and she never realized her father was dead. She would still feed him and put him to bed. In the movie there was a lady who went to the home and made food and got the father ready sat him down and pretended to be a family with the little girl, and I believe than that's when the little girl realized her father was dead. Not sure when this part comes into the movie but the little girl becomes friends with a older man who is not all there in the head. she would play with him than when father was calling she run home. Closer to the end of the movie the little girl sees a plane crash near her home very near, so she walks over there well because she is basically a little orphan all dirty, not in clean clothes some lady believes she was in the plane crash as well and trys helping her look for her parents. Those are the parts I remember, so please if anyone might know, think they know I would love to know, thank you.


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