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Hi all...thanks in advance.

Youbknow the feeling when u r trying to remember the name of an awesome movie u had seen long time ago and are unable yo do so...and are stuck for ever....well i am stuck
Pls help....
I remember it either is a black and white film or colour...but old its is.
Its set in a holiday resort where the family goes every year. Its a romantic comedy. The girls are over protected i tjink by the mother and they arent allowed to dress as per orher kids or even wear make up the older girl therefore friends mocked for wearing a silly childs swimming costume in one scene. All are preparing for the song n dance show. The father funnily tries to help by buying a garter belt for the daughter for the dance but he doesnt know properly and by mistake buys frm a medical shop. The girl for the dance and wwhen she bends she gets stuck in the pisition....after funny circumstances and correcting the mistakes she finally comes back on stage to sing and dance beautifully with the hero and looks like a grown woman finally

Pls help me find the name of this movie


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