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I've been trying to think of this movie for a while, it's an early settlers period drama, it starts with a salesman arriving at a farmers house to sell seed I think, he sees the farmers daughter and is quite taken with her, the farmer throws the salesman out but he returns later for the girl and they run away and get married, they become successful farmers and at some point in the movie take in another elderly man who can no longer support himself. At one point in the movie the main character gets in a fight with another man and kills him, he only tells his wife this. The old man that the main characters tool in, on his death bed, inherits all his land to the main character. Later in the movie the old mans son (and his hot wife)return looking to take over his fathers land. The main character begins an affair with drunken sons wife and is caught by his wife. There's a scene where she catches him and she brings all her kids with her to catch him! Any ideas?


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