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I am trying to remember the name of a film I watched some of, it was about 10 years ago. Young beautiful woman marries a man and he comes to her mansion or plantation, two story home and has servants living across from the house, she is very insecure and has a old witch lady or voodoo woman telling her things to do to make marriage happy, I remember the old woman lived up the hill and not with the other servants. One of the young servants tries to seduce or does the new husband outside the bedroom on the balcony. The wife wore white dresses and seemed like or had some sort of other mental problem too. And only thing else I remember was the old witch lady seemed to know what the young servant had done and punished her.
Based on the clothing the man wore and the servants probably to indicate it was a period movie about the mid or early 1800's. The land was almost tropical in the settings. The wife kind of looked like Tia Carreera, but no here, the reason I can't find the name, if I knew her name I could find the movie.


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