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It was a movie about a young guy who went to war and left behind a wife. He meets a young girl over there and has an affair with her. When the war is over, he returns home. He and his wife have children and seem very happy, although they are struggling financially. A relative (I think his grandmother) dies and leaves him an old but nice house. Some old man who had been a butler or something to the old lady, claimed that the house was suppose to be his and caused trouble. Somewhere along the line, the main character runs into an old army buddy, who tells him that the girl overseas had had his child. The girl and her son are very poor. I think the girl is in bad health and worried about what will become of the child. The man is a good person and wants to help them, but first he decides to confess to his wife. She is devastated, and runs away. She also runs out of gas, or something and he has to go get her. She has had time to think, forgives him, and they send for the boy. Oh, and the old butler was proved to be a liar and forger. I think this movie was probably out of the 60s or 70s. Any ideas of what the title might be?


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