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Hi. For the life of me, I cant remember a title! I remember certain scenes. First scene I remember: World War I movie where there is fighting on the line and the officers have their own underground bunker. There are three of them -- one of them is a brute and drinks alot. As officer goes up out of bunker he is instantly killed and his body falls back down into the bunker. Second scene I remember: Solider were working on an underground tunnel so they can hear plans of the other side. They don't realize it but the tunnel is ambushed by the other side and one officer gets out. I also think somewhere in there the officer is injured and gets medical leave and fathers a child. At the end of the war, he goes back to the mother and child.

Sorry this is so jumbled but if anyone can make head's or tails of this, I would be grateful! I want to watch this movie again! Thanks.


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