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I'm really hoping someone can help me out of with a movie I saw a year or two ago. It's set in the mid 2000's I think. It's an American movie. The girl and guy have been best friends since they we're kids and were always there for each other. After they graduate she gets a high paying job and he doesn't do much so he moves in with her for awhile. After a few years she still can't get him to move out. She meets a man and they get engaged and the bestfriend still won't leave the house. Then she finds out that because he gave her a friendship ring and they've been living together for so long according to rules in that state they're technically married and the girl has to try and convince the guy to divorce her, he doesn't want to because he loves her and doesn't want her marrying the new fiancée whos an idiot, they end up together in the end. That's all I remember, it's not an amazing movie but the name is annoying me, please someone help!


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