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Good day!I didn't know the title of the movie and I didn't remember if it is released 2014 or 2015.The story is about a two bestfriend see each other after a long long year.The trailer I remember is the one is working as a Bankteller/Bank staff,and she is in the middle /lower class.and her bestfriend is a rich and will inherit their family money. In the opening I remember the rich girl calls/text/meet her long time bestfriend after a long long year. The rich women decided they go out for an outing,party all week.All day their clothes are thesame looking at them like siblings/twins. The rich girl buys all new clothes,outfit for her bestfriend,they go out on a bar party all night picture picture,the same clothes eyeglasses,shoes .One day they go out for another adventure they go out to the lake,but an accident happens because of being drunk I think,her rich girl bestfriend lost in the lake,they did not see her.Opening her eyes she has a bandages on her body,she is mistaken as her rich bestfriend because of her outfit.The aunt of her bestfriend knows the truth that she is not her bestfriend,but the aunt convince her to lie about herself identity.But the true motive of the her rich best friend's Aunt is she want to inherited all the money of her niece


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