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Hello everybody, If you would be so kind to help me find a title a movie I would really appreciated.

I am not sure when this movie came out but all I know is that me and my mother seen this movie only once. It's sort of a spanish movie but it does have subtitles and all I remember is that in the beginning of the movie there was a little girl eating butterflies and her mother told her to spit it out. Eventually, when the girl had grew up as a teenager she still eats them. From there her and her mother have a good relationship and when the girl wants her mother to talk about her father, she refuses and told her that he is no good. After that, during the day the teenage girl was walking and during that same day she found her mother in a bad car accident and all she got is a red dress of what her mother gave her as a gift, at which she had died and they had a funeral. So the teenage girl had stayed with some lady and her husband until she gets on her feet. So she started looking for a job. When she got to the house, the lady's husband tried to rape her. So the teenage girl left the house and then eventually she had founded her father and stayed with him. Her father is so mean and he really don't want to have nothing to do with her because he is worried and concerned about what other people think.

That's all I remembered about the movie, I really have had a hard time finding this movie and I really want to watch it again. Can you please help me?



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