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Hi I'm looking for the name of a tv movie i think was made in the 90's. It begins with a woman sitting at a desk and begins to tell her story. It begins when she is a young girl and excels in reading and writing but another girl in her glass isn't so good so the teacher makes the little girl help her even though she knows the other girl doesn't want her help because of this the other girl bullies her for making her feel stupid. Others scenes I remember are her working as a maid for a wealthy family but is fired as the other girl shows up a makes the family think the girl is stealing from her and it happens again when she works at a wallet factory. Eventually I think she finds work as a governess and marries once or twice but I never found out the end. It is set between late victorian and early edwardian and It is kind of filmed in the same way as the 2007 series of Fanny Hill where it goes back and forth to the character's thoughts and then to the story she is telling. I saw this when I was eight in school so it would have been made before 2002/3


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