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Please forgive me for this is all I remember. It's the '90s and I was about middle school age. Saw some of this period movie that I never got to finish. Believe produced in the '80s or '90s and period drama was set in Victorian era. A man falls in love with a young woman that he believes is the epitome of innocence. She falls in love with him and they marry in secret. Before consummating the marriage, man doesn't want to start their lives off with any secrets. He admits to not being a virgin and is very apologetic while asking her to forgive him as it happened long before they even met. She tells him there is nothing to forgive for she has alao committed the same sin long before they met. He is shocked and feels deceived, saying marrying was mistake. He never wants to see or be contacted by her again and leaves. She is devastated and doesn't know what to do. She goes back home to father/grandfather and other lady family member there taking care of father/grandfather. She admits everything when asked where she has been so late. They send her upstairs to room, but she doesn't go all the way and waits behind wall. She hears one ask the other if they can hide this mess as they did about her not being virgin. The other answers no, the marriage is legally binding and they are now stuck with her as a burden. Feeling for her family and wanting not to be a burden to them for her mistakes, she leaves unnoticed out the back. This scene fades out to black before next scene. Time has passed as she is walking down dirt road somewhere in raggedy clothing. She is either servant on way to job or living homeless. At this point my parents picked me up from my grandparents. I have times that I wonder what happened to her for the movie wasn't done yet. Any ideas on this mystery title would be so greatly appreciated and put my unanswered questions to rest!!!


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