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A young man is injured in the countryside and nursed back to health by a farm girl. They fall madly in love. After he is healed, he leaves to return to his previous life, but promises to return for her. Back in town with his upperclass, snobby friends, he realized it can never be because of her station in life, she is a commoner. So, he doesn't return. This was back in the days before cars and I think filmed in England, possibly Wales, Scotland or Ireland? Many years later, out of curiosity (he never stopped loving her) he returns. He stands on a hillside staring down at the farm house to get a glimse. The old farm hand who worked there his whole life recognizes him and approaches him. He says, follow me and takes him to a gravesite, it is the farm girl's grave. Everyone in the theater was crying by now. The farm hand says something like, She got dressed every day and waited for you to return, she never stopped loving you, she died of a broken heart. Then they look down at the house and a young man walks out on the porch. He asks, Who is that? The old man replies, He is your son. God, I wish I had writen this story. I have been searching everywhere and racking my brain for years to find this film. It was in a small theater and not a big hit. I hope someone else, besides my daughter and I have seen this movie and can tell me the name. Help!!!


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