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There is a movie that I watched many years ago that has left parts of it sticking in my mind. I wonder if I mention those bits that made
the impressions, maybe someone on here might have seen it and recall the title.

A young girl was going to night school, or working an evening shift. One dark night on the way home, she is grabbed and dragged into bushes, where she is raped. She goes home and slips into the bathroom, without waking her sleeping and very close-minded parents. One of the main things that I recall is how she took scissors and cut to bits her undergarments, then flushed them down the commode.

Eventually, she discovers that she is pregnant. Knowing the narrow-mindedness of her parents, she (I think) goes to a
bridge to jump. A young guy coming by from work, stops her. He takes her home with him. After awhile he begins to have feelings for her, but she spurns him. He gets drunk and makes advances. She kicks him in the face. When he wakes up, he doesn't recall what happened. I think he lost his eye.

Anyway, she stays on and later confesses that she is responsible for his injury, and why. He lets her stay on, she becomes attached to the guy, has the baby, is happy and goes to see her parents. I think the mother is still condemning of her, so she goes back home with the guy. Maybe at some point they had married. I can't really recall the ending, just mainly her cutting up those clothes to get rid of the evidence, and having no one to talk to about it. Sorry, I don't recall any of the actors, only that it was in black and white, so it must be rather old.


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