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Hello, I saw a snippet of a movie or show a month back on amc where there was this man who was fighting this guy with a rapier and he looses and gets sent to prison where hes been there for a long time and eventually an old man digs a hole into his cell and the man was terrified but followed the old man back to his cell and in exchange for helping the old man build tunnels and escape he would offer the man how to read and fight. but before that he has to learn how to be fast by sweeping his hands in between water droplets. Eventually they dig and the tunnel collapses and the old man dies and they toss his body into the ocean. The young man decides to do the same and he breaks out of the body bag and he fights a guy in the water.

I really wanna watch it since it seemed interesting. it looks like an Britain film or something along the lines. might have been a tv show but I know for sure it was on AMC a month ago.


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