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I think it was a TV-series airing at the end of 90's. I think it takes place in early 1900 in England, but I'm not sure! We get to see two sides of life during that time period; a poor teenage boy and a rich teenage girl. The teenage boy seems to have a girlfriend which he kisses on the cheek. One winters night he sees and meets this rich dark haired girl and kisses her on her lips right away. They kind of fall in love - they end up having sex at the loft of a factory, a factory which the rich girls father owns. The rich girl becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son I think. On the day of her giving birth, the poor boy (they're young adults by this time I think) climbs up a ladder to her window to talk to her and "end things". And the rich girl was probably engaged to some other guy but her life is kind of ruined. That's all I can remember. I know I liked it but I was very conflicted with the love drama at my young age so that's what I remember most! Does anyone know the series?


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