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Hi! I faintly remember this movie from 1st/2nd grade in my music class and i was trying to figure out if anyone could help me find it again! It was with a young boy, 7-10ish years old.. I think he only had a mother.. They were poor and one of them went to jail for a bit, I think the boy because he stole food once or something, but I remember a scene where it was dark and the jail was in the basement of someplace and one of the boys friends came by the window bars to see him.. Maybe the women was in jail and the boy came to see her.. I cannot remember but anyways.. The boy starts going to school there and he gets bullied, and then something happens and he ends up having to wash/scrub the stairs and is bullied.. There's also a chorus and he spies on them singing then the composer dude notices and then the boy ends up being an amazing singer and can reach the high note that the others can't and that's truly all I can remember.. OH also I remember the shoes they wore were veryyyy clacky and made a bunch of sound.. so there's that lol! Any help would be wonderful! Thank you!


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