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I'm trying to find the title of a film I saw when I was a child on AMC. I believe the film to be produced in the 1940s to 50s. A man marries a young woman (blonde) although he is openly in love with another woman (brunette). I believe it was set in the late 1700's to the early 1800's. I think the other woman may have already been married. The movie chronicles how the wife falls in love with her husband although he does not hide his emotions for the other woman. At the end of the movie, the man is seriously injured and is being visited by the woman he was in love with but chooses to be with his wife. I apologize for the vague description. I think the title may contain "red, Mississippi, and/or ferry". I have researched classic films with those words in the title and have come up dry. Hopefully, someone may recall the film.


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