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Hello, I am actually looking for the title of a play script that I once studied in English at school. It is about a woman (Ronnie I think) who tracks down a man she met over 15 years earlier and shows up on his door step claiming that they are in love and wants to marry now. He doesn't even remember who she is at first and he is married to someone else with a teenage son and they are in the process of packing boxes to move from there apartment. The play starts with the son of the man throwing a rock at the woman before she enters the apartment building. She ends up killing the son and putting his body into one of the moving boxes, she kills the mother/wife of the man by leaving a gift for her that she thinks is from her husband that "spontaneously combusts", and the husband dies next in a fire in the apartment. I remember that it goes into detail about how the apartment door is broken and always flings back open when someone tries to close it but the one time it jams shut is when the man is trying to escape from the fire. I also specifically remember a scene where the son puts his "tag" on the wall and the dad is trying to tell him off and the son is saying why does it matter the new people will paint over it anyway and the dad said that it wouldn't need multiple coats of paint to be able to cover it up. Anyway this Ronnie lady is a psycho and tries to make the man admit to the wife and son that he still loves her and wants to be with her etc. I am pretty sure it is an period play script. It is set over two or three days and the only places it is set is the apartment and around the apartment building. I think they felt obliged to let her in because she had a cut or something on her head from where the son threw a rock at her. It is all very weird but I have thought about it for a while and really want to read it again but can't find what it is called. Please help :)


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