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I've seen the beginning of this movie when I was very young (around 5) and I couldn't erase it from my mind, I've been looking for it everywhere.
I believe the opening scene is when a man is driving like crazy, trying to get to the hospital while a woman in the backseat is in labor. He crashes the car, the woman dies but a baby girl is born. This was to scary for me, so at this point I ran off to the other room :D Later, as I peeked, I saw a young man taking care of that baby (it wasn't the man driving the car), but there is something strange about the girl, she is ageing very quickly, and I think there was something else that was strange but I don't remember. I remember the end of the movie, it is snowing, the girl is an old woman now even though she is actually very young, and she is in love with the man who took care of her. I don't know if that was the last scene or near the end.
I would be soo happy to know the name of this movie!


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