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I saw an old movie quite some time ago and have thought about it a lot ever since. A little boy, about 7 or 8, loses his mother and the father remarries. The little boy is very innocent, but does things that seem naughty to the step-mother, which keeps getting him into trouble, as well as falling out of her good graces. She is not a bad person, she just doesn't understand him. She has a baby and the little boy heard it crying. He goes to it and in innocently trying to soothe it, he causes the bassinette to turn over. The step-mother is alarmed and very angry. The little boy runs away to the home of some black children that he often played with. They black his skin and I think that they dress him like a girl. The father has to travel and he comes home to search for his son. I don't recall how he finds him, but I do remember that it ends well.


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