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My memory of the movie starts with this woman sewing something by hand. The woman is a little serious and grave, but as I say she has a delicate appearance. After some time this man appears, it seems more like he's visiting her. I can remember that she and the other tenants, another woman(she looked like a friend) to be more exact are talking about how they are going to pay the rent because they kind of ran out of time. The main character(the woman) seems an independent and a well-taught woman, but she had the missfortune to end up in this position(how? I don't know). The man sees her struggle and he finds a position for her at his sister's place, as I said before. I don't think he is living with his sister(he might be traveling often) , but he is visiting her often. I remember another talk between our protagonist and the same "friend"/woman mentioned above, after the man has found this position for our girl: the "friend" was saying to our protagonist about how good it is that the woman found a way out of this bad situation and that soon our protagonist would be leaving the building and not care about paying rents anymore. I can remember her putting her gloves on her hands very gracefully. While she was living in this new house the man starts to fall in love with her(or maybe he already did fall in love), but his sister is trying to find him a "suitable" wife, with means and everything so she gives dinners most of the times so she can introduce all sorts of women to her brother, without knowing that he has a thing for her companion. He ends up proposing to the woman, but after that it's getting all foggy, I can't remember what happens.


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