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Sometime back, I watched an old movie (probably on TCM) At the very start of it, an unseen person poisons a dog, which turns out to be the heir to a fortune. The dog goes to the animal "hereafter," and sits before the court, which is presided over by a lion. The dog pleads his case to be allowed to return to earth and find who killed him. He and a female horse are sent back as male and female humans. They retain some of their animal mannerisms, which would creep out occasionally, and were very humorous. The dog/human falls in love with the girl, who had been put in charge of the dog's estate. The dog/human uncovers the poisoner, his mission is accomplished, but he wants to remain a human and stay on earth with the girl. The horse/female doesn't want to stay, so a beam is sent down from the sky and as she runs up it, she turns back into a horse. A rather crazy story, but very fascinating. I told it to my pre-teen grandkids, who were also fascinated and every now and then, ask me to tell it to them, again. I would love to be able to show them the actual movie, but don't know the title, or even any actors playing in it. Can anyone help?


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