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I read this book some time back, it was about a mansion/manor with a beautiful rose garden (white roses i think). There was a rich family, i dont remember about the parent but there were two sisters, alone because something happend to the parents. Its during war and some soldier comes to see the sisters one of them falls in deep love with him but he asks the other sister to marry him and the one who was deep in love was hurt and mad. Some of their maids practiced black magic and out of anger she used it on her sister because she couldn't get the man she loved.. The sister finds out about her being angry and that she now practises black magic and I dont quite remember what exactly happens but the sister who was asked to marry the man, dies. In the end the girl regrets killing her sister over some man. When the book finishes, the sister who did black magic is talking to her sister's grave which is in their garden. And there are roses growing around/on it. It's mentioned that the roses smell "sickly sweet" and that the sister had been narating the story, very sorry about what she did.
I've been searching for this a LOT for years and please do help! Thanks in advance :)


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