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Hi, I have been trying to find the name of an old black and white movie I saw once when I was young. All I remember is the plot: a young woman who lives in this stately house (I think she only lives with her dad) gets seduced by a young charming man who everyone warns her away from. She doesn't listen and plans on running away with him. However on the night he was supppsed to pick her up in his carriage, he never shows up and leaves town on his own, because he can't committe. This changes her to where she becomes cold and austere, and can no longer love. Years later she has the house to herself and the man shows up again, begging forgiveness and pleading with her to love him again. She duplicitly says yes, and later that night when he comes for her, he bangs on the door and she stands on the stairs listening to him panic and dispair as she slowly turns the lights off and tells the maids to ignore him. The movie ends with her leaving him outside the door in a panic and heartbroken in the same way he did to her.


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