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I saw this movie on Netflix, I think, about 2 or more years ago where this blonde girl itching to abandon a catholic orphanage was kidnapped and taken to an island full of men. She was instructed not to look upon the king who was old with a lot of wrinkles on his face, and in the first few scenes of when the king, as a character, was introduced to the audience, he always wore a Vail to hide behind. She was prepared and groomed by the Kings adviser that bared an exotic title of which escapes my memory, but I do recall that he was a black adviser; in fact, the only black person in the entire movie.

Interestingly, she ended up marrying the King, willfully after some internal debate, and Her new born child was killed by her older jealous step wife whose intention was to ensure that her son takes the throne after the king dies. The King had two other sons though, one who was much older and the other who was still a very small boy.
Before the king died, as a way to comfort his much younger bride for the loss of her child, he entrusted the care of his little son, who himself was without a mother, into her hands, and she agreed to be his mother. In time She learned to call him son, and his still earliest forming memory was bound to call her mother.

Eventually the King died, and the older step-wife didn't get her wish just yet, because the much older son who this once Adventurous Catholic girl actually had a brief encounter with, even before she met the king, ended up succeeding his father on the throne. After this much older son became King, who do you think he married? He actually decided to marry this girl who technically was his step mom, weird I know, but I guess she was originally more chronologically matched with him in age, more so than his father was.

Anyways, since the father was dead, nobody had any problem with the new king marrying his late father's wife, and they got to live happily ever after right? Wrong!

The older step wife was still up to her old scheming ways of how her son could and should become ruler, so the new king suffered a lot of assassination attempts on his life,

His wife tried to warn him of the danger that lurked within the palace which posed as a very serious threat to his reign as King, but rather than listen to his wife's advice, out of pride, he foolishly decided to carry on in his routinely duties as king. Sadly, by the time he realized that he should have heeded his wife's advice, which he admitted in his last words to her, he was breathing his last breath, and, consequently, he gave up the ghost.

At last!!!! The older step-wife's son could now become the ruler, and he did. The older step-wife and the long awaited new king still wasn't satisfied with the last son still left alive, so both he and the mother commanded for the now almost teenage boy and her mom to be seized or, preferably, killed by the palace soldiers.

In the last scene of the movie, as I vaguely recall, because the long awaited new king still had fond memories of this once young adventurous Catholic girl/step-mom of his, he did something surprising..... and if you know the movie I'm talking about, you know what he did.

I've searched high & low all over the web with Google search, but I just can't seem to find this movie. Eventually I stumbled upon this nice website in hopes that I would find it. Does anyone here know or remember the title of the movie I just described?


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