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All I can remember of this British TV miniseries or episodic series is that is was very Downton Abby like, centered around WW-I with a manor house and servants as major characters. I seem to think it spent more time on the servants than the manor owners. I believe it also had a scene where the "lord" gathered servants and farmers into a set of military volunteers and led them into WW-I. I also remember a returning soldier from WW-I who was a servant (stable boy?) or related to a servant at the house who came back badly burned or disfigured, only to find his love interest had married or fallen in love with another. I don't know if it was BBC related but I sure seem to think it was on PBS. I seem to recall it being in playing in the 90's or 2000's. Not much to go on, but maybe someone else will recall seeing this show.


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