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I am looking for the title of a beautiful romance movie set in the countryside (I think it was France) around the 20's or 30's. A wealthy man (possibly English) has an accident and is nursed to health by a farmer's daughter. He is unable to get back home on account of his condition, and falls in love with the girl while recovering. They have an affair, although he is engaged to be married back home. He travels back home upon his recovery but promises to return soon. However, he gets trapped by his previous life and doesn't return. She waits in vein for him at the train station and then returns to the village a changed person. In time she gives birth to their baby, and unfortunately dies soon after or in childbirth. The same man visits the area about 16 years later and enquires about the girl. He learns the full story from a local who tells him she had a son. While driving away from the village, he sees a young shepherd tending a flock who waves to greet him, and he realises he had just seen his own son.


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