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I'm looking for a film that I saw a long time ago, I think it was made in the early 2000's and took place in France in the 1700's. I remember there was a girl pretending to be guy performing in the opera and there was guy, who I think was engaged to another woman, that fell in love with her and when he tried to kiss her thought she was a guy and backed off until he realized, after talking about it with his fiancee and breaking that off, that he didn't care and when he went to proclaim his love the girl showed him that she was really a girl by pulling out the sausage she had been using to be a boy and so I think they became a couple or something and I remember them attending a ball or party and she was nervous and they ripped up their clothes to make them feel more comfortable and that's all I really remember. I would really like to know what movie this is and Google is not helping.


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