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This is driving me crazy! I stumbled on a mini series on youtube once. It was a period piece (1800s) about a poor-ish family of about 4 sisters and their dad. Their dad is a bit emotionally/physically abusive-- just a rough man. Two episodes (probably the more disturbing ones) that I really remember are:
1. One sister falls in love with this x-soldier. He gives her rabbits as a gift. They get married and on their wedding night she finds out that a shrapnel injury had destroyed a good deal of his body and they will never have children. She is traumatized, goes back to her family, and files for divorce. He goes into a really dark place and sends her a box -- inside, the rabbits he had given her, dead.
2. Another sister (sheesh, these guys have a hard life), works as a maid for a rich couple with no children. She has an affair one weekend with the husband and gets pregnant. Finds out that it was all a scheme so that the rich couple could adopt her baby. She refuses to let them have him. The husband finds his wife upstairs cutting herself. She feels as though she has gone through yet another miscarriage. The pregnant girl is disowned by her father, but he does show up to save her life when the baby gets stuck during birth.

I know those episodes are sort of the weirder ones, but they're the ones I remember. The show was actually really good and not always that dark/dramatic. But I CAN. NOT. find it! Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks, guys!


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