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Hello I am looking for the name of a film I watched years ago. It is about this girl who gets pregnant to I think he was an actor and her parents send her away to marry a man in his 40s with a few children of his own. He beats and rapes her. She falls for his younger brother. As the children grow up the oldest girl does everything she is told and the next oldest is a trouble maker. She is in love with this boy who also has feeling for the step mum and they kiss at one point. The girl runs off with him and gets pregnant he leaves her and she is back home where the oldest sister is looking after her. Something happens but I cant remember what and the oldest girl in on the horse and cart and it topples over and she hits her head of a rock and dies. There is a scene were the stepmother after being raped walks into the sea and goes under the water as if to clean the rape away.

If you know what this is please please please tell me, it is driving me crazy that I do not know.

Thank you


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