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Please help me find this movie: This movie I believe was a made-for-TV drama and it was a compilation of Asian woman's stories (I think it aired in the 90's). One of the stories was about a woman who was made to marry a young man (practically a boy) and when they were wed he would not sleep with her. She grew in fear for her life as he blamed her in front of his family for not providing an heir. One night she overhears a couple in the street crying because the woman fears for her life as she is pregnant with her boyfriend's child. The main character then comes up with an idea and tells her in-laws that the gods told her in a dream that the woman in the street is miraculously pregnant with the heir for the family. Her life, and the life of the woman in the street are spared. I've been wanting to watch this movie again for years - please help me!


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