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I'm trying to remember the name of the movie that I saw in subtitles. Italian film made in the sixties I believe. It's a young woman who hangs out with the rough crowd but has her own little house and one night she runs into a famous Italian movie star having a quarrel with his girlfriend and he's quite drunk. He takes her to his house then later sends her away. she go on to meet a man that she falls in love with and he convinces her to get married especially after he learns how much money she saved over the years. Not a huge amount but a lot for a poor woman who saved every penny she had. She sells her home, a one room house and goes away with this man to be married and live happily ever after. They go to have lunch and then he takes her for a walk through the woods and then suddenly they were at the edge of a cliff and he tells her at gunpoint or knife point to give him all the money and the next thing you know after she gives him the money, she wakes up by a tree. She wanders back into town and soon sees all of her friends walking on the road that she had been looking for and they were all there on that road. They were walking and on bicycles, and happy and dancing, then it hitthen it hits you in a startling way. She was thrown off the cliff or shot or stabbed or both. She is in heaven are where everyone thinks she is at. Many of it is left to interpretation and that's what makes it such a beautiful film. It is an Italian film with English subtitles and I believe it was made in the sixties possibly the fifties. I would say late sixties though. Please help me remember this? Thank you very very much. Kyle


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