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I watched a movie a 5 to 6 years ago. a thai movie. about a king that ruled a village with 3 wives. the third and second wife teamed up against the first wife because they were jealous of her. but the king spent a night with each of them, so they took turns each night. the first wife had set a night for the king and one of the servants. so she had to wear a pink dress? but the second and third wife ripped it up so the servant had to dress in her normal clothes (off the shoulder shirt).
so now the servant is one of the wives (king's for 4 wives) the second wife planned to make the third wife pregnant and pushed her off the stairs to make it look like a miscarriage. the first wife and last wife (servant) gets pregnant the same time, but the first wife's baby doesn't live when its born. so the last wife gives her baby for the first wife.


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