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Probably 40 years ago, I saw an old black and white movie late at night that was probably made in the 40s, or maybe late 30s. I was rather young, but if I remember correctly, the idea of the story was that a poor young man, who was a writer, wouldn't get married until he was able to sell a book he was working on. I think he had writer's
block, or something. He would go to the park and sit on a bench to think.

In the meantime, somewhere in Heaven, or an alternate universe, a child was waiting to be born to him and his girl if they would only marry. (Maybe they were married, but wouldn't have this child until he finished his book, which was taking years.)

An elderly Angel came down and would get behind him while he was sitting on the bench. The Angel would whisper ideas into his ear and the man would go home and write them into his story. Of course, the book was a huge success and the movie ends with the 9 or 10 year-old
"unborn" child entering the world as a baby in the delivery room of a hospital. The writer, of course, is the expectant father in the "earthly" waiting room.

Although it sounds a lot like the movie, "For Heaven's Sake," which was made in 1950 with Bob Cummings and Clifton Webb, it isn't. I think the 1950 movie was a remake of the earlier one that I saw, which in my opinion, was much better.


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