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So I watched this movie like YEARS ago and I can't remember the title, but I think maybe Josh Stewart or someone familiar might have played in it. Anyways, so in the beginning of the movie, this girl and her mom kill the abusive father and bury him in the backyard, but the neighbor girl sees it. Then it's years later and the neighbor girl starts taunting the girl that killed her father and threatens to turn her in. So, the girl kills the neighbor girl. And then her best friend (which I think is Josh Stewart) scolds her about it or something. And he's like asking if she's gonna kill him now and stuff. And then she does kill him and at the end of the movie, she kills him in the kitchen, in front of the window, where another neighbor sees her. And that's the end. I've been searching for this movie for a LONG time so pleaseee please please help me find it!! I feel like I'm going insane...


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