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In the late 50s, when I was about 14 years old, a couple of girlfriends and I went to the movies and saw a black and white one, which was rather modern for that day and time. I think the title had the word, "Phantom" in it, because we thought that it was going to be something pertaining to the supernatural, or horror. Instead, it was an in-depth study of a very decent woman, who had been a really good wife, but her husband had found a more "loose" woman and divorced the wife. She had been thrown for a loop and couldn't snap out of it. Having been encouraged to start dating again, she learned that every man only wanted her to go to bed with them, which she would not do. Finally, after several casual dates with a rather nice, ordinary-seeming guy, she decided to go to bed with him, but only once. Afterwards, she was really full of remorse and had something like a nervous breakdown. The three of us were too young too understand the full impact of the plot, but the parts that I can recall still haunt me and I'd like to see the movie again, now that I am older. I think that the actor, playing the character she slept with, may have been Jose Ferrer, or someone built like him and balding.


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