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In 1956/57, when my parents were first married, my father ran the projectors at a drive-in theater. My mother worked in the concession stand. One night he told her that when they ran the second feature the next night that he wanted her to come watch the last part of it with him.

The main plot of the movie had been about an American woman, who was in England during World War 2. She had met and married a serviceman. He got orders to be shipped out to a hazardous area.

While he was away, she was boarding with an English lady, who had become a very good friend. Shortly after he left, the wife discovered that she was pregnant. Not long afterwards, she received a telegram saying the husband had been killed. One day when the landlady was comforting her, the wife told her of her decision to go back to America to be with her family when she had the child.

During the course of conversation the landlady asked her what did she plan to name the baby. The reply was that if it were a boy, it would be named after the father, so that his memory would always live on. If it were a girl, she would name it Letitia. The landlady commented that was a lovely, but unusual name, and wondered why it had been chosen. The answer was that the name, "Letitia," meant happiness and that was what the baby-to-be would always symbolize to her and her love for the father.

My mother wasn't too keen on the name and since it was more than four years before I arrived on their scene, she had hoped my father had forgotten about it. He had not, and I'm glad. I've had some flack over the years about the name, but I didn't let it bother me, because I've always loved my parents story about how it was chosen. I'd love to see that movie just for the nostalgia it would offer. They don't
recall the names of any of the actors, and only that the picture was in black and white. Since drive-in theaters normally only got movies a few years after they were shown in the main theaters, I figure that this one was probably made in the mid-forties, or very early fifties.

It really would be a thrill if anyone can give me the title to this, and and even bigger one if I could find a copy of the movie. Thanks


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