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So I only remember this one scene. I saw it when I was a little girl and I can't get it our of my mind or find it anywhere.

The Movie was in English, and in Color. So a village was being raided upon and a knight with chain mail and heavy gear goes into a hut to rape this peasant woman (whom I am CERTAIN was actress Phyllis Diller) but he can't get his gear off. She mentions that this is his first time, teasing him, and he's embarrassed. Another man (Who's not in armor I think) runs in and asks if the knight is finished with her. The knight says"No" and to leave. the man waits outside for his turn. Phyllis talks the knight out of raping her and they have a conversation when the second man barges in and starts to rape her. The knight tries to save her by pulling out his long sword and stabbing the man through- but it also stabs her through as well. He tells her hes sorry, that he was trying to protect her and she reply's something like: "Oh yeah, I'd much rather die than be raped and live." laughs and dies.

Thats all I can remember. My boyfriend thought I was talking about the movie "Erick the viking" and although it was a similar scene- definitely wasn't the same movie. any help would be a relief.


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