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I saw an American film on TV in the early sixties that was made in 40's or early 50's about WWII. An American soldier was going overseas, and he and his wife were estranged. They had I believe two children, a boy and a girl. The soldier takes an assignment that is a suicide mission while based I believe in England, but before the mission he meets a beautiful ballerina. They fall in love and have an affair. Then the soldier goes on the mission which he cannot get out of due to being honorable. The ballerina has a child, I believe a baby boy, and the pregnancy and worry over the soldier results in her having a bad heart and she can no longer dance. When the soldier comes back from the mission in one piece, his wife wants to get back together. The ballerina takes a job dancing, and dies. She wants the soldier and his wife to raise the child. A real "B" movie tear jerker. I can't remember the title, and would like to learn if it is available on DVD. Please help. Thank you.


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