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There was a movie I saw that I am guessing was made in the mid to late 1980's. it was set during World War II in England. It was about two teenage girls (maybe 16 years old each) one was a British girl and one was a German girl who had fled Germany with her mother and scientist father. They both attend an all girl school (boarding school I think). The German girl misses her brother who stayed behind in Germany (and was part of Hitler's youth or in the German army). Her father has disowned him but she still has a picture of him which she shows to her English friend. There is a boy they both like that looks just her brother and the German girl ends up alienating her English friend by dating him after he expressed interest in the English girl. As the war progresses the German girl is kept separate from the English girls almost like a POW and cries when a girl there pushes a candy bar under the door like they do to the POWs. One of their school friends (a blonde who dresses in a sarong to be "Dorothy Lamour" for a costume party) ends up pregnant and married by the end. Does anyone know what this may be? I watched it many years ago and it has been driving me crazy. I think it was a British film and the girls names were in the title? Thanks for any help!


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