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Trying to get the title for a novel I read in 1997. Its a medieval novel about a young girl about 13yrs who was sent to a monastery after her family was about to lose their throne. The family came up with a plan to save their bloodline and had her twin sister sleep with their cousin and got pregnant. The said twin was to marry the son who was going to take over their throne and had the heroine sleep with him because he expected a virgin. After the deed was done she was shipped off to be a nun. Upon arrival at the monastery she told them she was not a virgin and they decided to sell her. It so happen that auctioneer bought her and sold her to a rich man who wanted her to be his sex slave. He hired a sex master to teach her. She was very beautiful and feisty. He thought her all she needed to know and she fell in love with him. He loved her too but vowed never to get involve with a student again because he did that already and she killed herself because she didnt want to a be slave to her master. Need that title...Only thing I remember is the sex slave but when I search for that tittle its not giving me what I want.HELP.....Need that book


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