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I would like to know the title of a film I saw on PBS. Its a black & white type movie,from the 30's or 40's era. I believe it took place in New York. The plot was: A woman meets a man and falls in love, her love interest doesn't want to settle down, they have an on-again off-again relationship, eventually the woman decides to leave the man even though she loves him, sometime goes by and she is still single but moving on with life, at the end of the movie she is in a department store like Woolworth, she hears a woman in another dressing room being called by her loves name, she leave her dressing room to see the other woman, other woman is pretty witty and sophisticated, there is a brief encounter between the women that is interrupted by a little boy, the main character seems to experience heartbreak as she realizes that the child belongs to her love, the movie ends shorty afterward.


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