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A movie set in Edwardian era England. A gentleman wants to remarry after his wife had died in order that his children have a new mother. Children however, sabotage him. His old aunt or an older female relative is a guardian to his eldest daughter. He eventually marries his so called eldest daughter to everyone's shock, but she wasn't in fact his real daughter, he adopted her for the old aunt wouldn't provide for the girl if she knew that it's not her blood. I remember that snow falls at the end of the movie even though it's spring or summer. The family has a lovely garden. I remember a scene where the man is drinking tea with his potential wife and in one moment he jumps in her lap, later apologizing (he wanted to distract her from the children who were behaving foolishly and sabotaging him)and he said to the lady 'I don't know what's gotten into me.' and she said something like 'I know perfectly well, but you'll have to marry me first.' She was wearing a red dress.

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