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I think the title of the movie is the name of the lead character.

It's a 1800ish Costume drama about a plain, poorish, unmarried old-Maid who works as a seamstress for a theater company. She falls in love with a young artist, who instead marries her much younger, prettier, and wealthier niece (or maybe cousin). Meanwhile the niece's father has a mistress from the theater company.

The old Maid takes her revenge for the artist spurning her love, her niece for stealing him, and her brother for not supporting her. She introduces the mistress and the artist to each other, and they have an affair. She tells her brother and niece the hotel room where the affair is. They go and see what's happening. The brother has a stroke at the sight and the niece shoots the mistress but misses and kills her husband.

So the artist is dead, the niece goes to jail for murder, and the brother is a mentally incapacitated invalid. The Maid takes custody of him, along with all his wealth.


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